The Mission

In order to establish a web presence on the Internet and to contribute to the internet community at large, the concept of forming The Promotion Group was initiated in 1999.

The Start

Windiablo Promotions was the first project in this endeavour, not in the format that you see it now, but built entirely on simple HTML tables including a bookmark directory of web sites created with the Zeus Internet Marketing robot.

The content within this project has recently been changed and currently offers a template collection which is designed to satisfy the needs of small businesses and individuals with a selection of a wide range of professionally designed website templates in various categories to suit any business model.

The build up was launched in December 2001 with the idea of providing articles and news in relation to site promotion and web development for the community at large.

This project remains a succesful one, where articles and news are updated daily with a variety of content offerings. The site was initially developed with the MyPHPNuke content management system which suited the applications required for this project, but later changed to incorporate the e107 content management system that offered suitable modules for ongoing development. was launched in May 2004 with the idea of providing an affordable and reliable web hosting environment. We are currently in the process of updating our services on this platform. was launched in July 2004 in order to offer domain names and other web related services at reasonable prices.

Alongwith TLD offerings, the site also caters to a managed DNS service, mail forwarding, domain forwarding services, SSL, and linux web servers. was launched in February 2009 in order to offer website monitoring services at reasonable prices, monitored from different locations around the world.


The Promotion Group would like to see further expansion in the future. The immediate task is a challenging one, which is to offer top class resources and services to the community at large.

The building and formation of a network of sites takes planning and time, and we hope to offer and continue offering quality services within our framework.